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Regnum - Weil alles einst zerbrechen muss CD (Total Holocaust Records, 2008) 7€
Still available, the CD edition. A collection of unreleased songs from Regnum's most
prolific era, 2003-2005, including the Totenweihe demo (2003) as bonus.
Regnum - Totenweihe MC (Re-Issue) (self-released, 2015) 3€
The second part of Regnum's demo re-issues. The cornerstone in Regnum's
later style and expression. Restored sound and new artwork. Grim and cold Black Metal.
Regnum - Im Grabesdunkel MC (Re-Issue) (self-released, 2015) 3€
The third part of Regnum's demo re-issues. Continuing and intensifying the path taken on
Totenweihe before. Actually released as a split tape, the re-issue contains the Regnum
songs solely. Restored sound and exclusive new artwork. Sinister Black Metal.
Regnum - Schwertes Kälte MC (Re-Issue) (self-released, 2016) 3€
The fourth part of Regnum's demo re-issues. Regnum's most popular demo, reaching the
peak of cold and depressive Black Metal in the early era of the band. Re-issued with the sound
and cover artwork actually planned to have in 2003 already.
Regnum - Regnum LP (Solstice Rex, 2017) 14€
Out now, Regnum's first CD from 2005 on vinyl. Comes with unaltered sound
but new artwork, including all lyrics and English translations
. Available in black
and grey marbled vinyl.

Torch Of War - The Principle of Cosmic Instability CD (Autopsy Kitchen Records, 2007) 3€
Harsh Black Metal with shrieking sound.
Vexillum - Höllenpropheterie & Templum Interior CDR (Infernal Kommando Records, 2007) 3€ - Last copies!
Occult Black Metal, both demos on one CDR.
Vexillum - Die weiße Nacht MC (self-released, 2016) 3€
Vexillum's first album, recorded albeit in 2006/07. Unreleased so far,
this release offers Vexillum's most intense recordings after the demos.
Mystic and occult Black Metal, lyrically based upon Baphomet-magick and golemology.


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These releases are in progress. No pre-orders possible!
Regnum - Holzwege MC (Compilation)
The fifth part of Regnum's demo re-issues. Actually this compilation contains unreleased

songs and versions only, focussing on the threshold between the more melancholic demos
and the later rather dissonant sound proclaimed with the MCD from 2005. This release will
close the re-issues series! Note: This tape will be released in a small edition for
friends only along with the unedited "Fadensonnen" demo from 2012/13 on CDr.

Regnum - Weil alles einst zerbrechen muss LP
A second release on vinyl, Regnum's compilation album from 2006. Comes with unaltered
sound but new artwork, including lyrics (first time to be published) and English translations.
The vinyl-version is based upon the earlier tape edition and comes with the original tape
bonus tracks.

Weltenkampf - Die letzten Plagen CDR (4-CDR box)
The final release of Weltenkampf including all three demos plus an unreleased one:

I. Untersberg
Weltenkampf's first material, originally released in 2005 on a split-tape with Torch Of War.
Mystical, occult and distorted summonings of a darker reality.

II. Pazuzu Kult / Abraxas
Originally released in 2006, along with Surya Satan. Two long Dark Ambient collages
Pazuzu Kult and Abraxas with journeys into more noisy parts and darkest trance-induction.

III. Surya Satan
Originally released in 2006, along with Pazuzu Kult. This release offers the rhythmic part
aside the rather improvised Pazuzu Kult. Demono-magickal soundscapes - the pulse
of pure darkness.

IV. Kylkhor
Weltenkampf's last release so far, compiling the best recordings from 2007 to 2011.
Conceptually connected to Vexillum's Die weiße Nacht, rooted in Baphomet-magick
and golemology - sinister and pure...




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